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Richard's Plumbing & Handyman Services is a friendly home improvement service that operates through three key elements; Transparency, Integrity, and Fair Pricing.
All to often I am called to fix a problem that was created by someone who claimed to know what they were doing but in reality had no idea of the technical application involved. If I'm not proficient at something, I wont accept the job just to get your money.
I guarantee my work and use only quality products, tools, & installation methods. If ever a problem, I will do my best to resolve it as quickly as possible as I pride myself on the reputation for integrity I have established for myself.
I shop around so why shouldn't you? I know my rates cannot be beaten for the level of service I provide.

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"Richard is prompt, courteous and he is fair He also can do other handyman things besides plumbing. While we had plumbing issues at work I noticed his card said he was also a handyman. I told him one of our ventilator fans in the bathroom was screeching. He diagnosed that the motor was on its last leg and advised us that it could cause a problem if we didn't do anything about it like have a short and cause electrical problems. He took a look at it at that time and left but he did the research for me what part to buy on amazon ( he gave me the link) and gave me a price to install when I receive the part. When he came in he found it was easier than he originally quoted and discounted the original quote to install! If he doesn't pick up his phone he calls back in good time. So far, he has fixed our toilets and in the kitchen area something was leaking so we couldn't use our cold water for a while and he changed something and fixed it fast Thanks Richard!"
External Feedback from Lisa L.

"This review is 7 mos past due. Sorry Richard... Just gotta say all his 5 star ratings are well deserved. In January I had a water main leak. After hoping and praying the leak was in an accessible location we found it underneath concrete the driveway. My budget was pretty tight but Richard worked with me by allowing me to demo and trench my yard to replace the whole main with copper pipes. He even installed pvc pipes with a slip to install irrigation in the future before I pour the concrete back in. He's busy but always communicates well. Emails text and calls were all answered timely. He's creative when coming up with solutions and gives sound advice. If you're looking for a handyman especially in the area of plumbing give him a call. His price is definitely fair and will most likely beat out other contractors in the area."
External Feedback from Josiah L

"Richard and his help (Eduardo) is timely, respectful, professional and easy to work with. I appreciated how Richard was up front about all costs and ensured that I had a clear understanding of what was involved in the work he was doing. I had a few jobs for Richard. He installed a front security door, swapped and replaced a toilet, installed a vent in the bathroom and fixed a leaking shower faucet. I was extremely pleased with his work! His finished work was very clean. He was thoughtful throughout all the installs from disposing old material, recycled boxes and swept debris. I will be working with him again in the future and recommend his service."
External Feedback from Tiffany L.

"Richard is really excellent! I requested for him to come to my place for some projects I needed done for home. He was very polite, professional, and extremely knowledgeable on everything I asked. He was very detailed and thorough in assessing all the items I asked about and provided me with excellent recommendations. He told me I ordered a wrong appliance due to voltage discrepancy, which allowed me to cancel my order, and saved me a lot of time to not have to return the appliance to store. I look forward to working with Richard, and highly recommend Richard for all handyman, plumbing, and other needs. Thank you so much"
External Feedback from Katie w

"Had a clog in my kitchen sink and it was getting worse by the week. Called Richard on a holiday and he still picked up the phone. Luckily I told him about the problem and he told me to give him an hour to see if he can squeeze me in his schedule. An hour later, he called back and was able to come help fix my problem. Richard came same day on scheduled as promised and fixed it within the hour. He was thorough and respectful. Kept everything cleaned and maintained. His charge was priced very reasonable. I also had a water pressure problem with one of my bathroom sink and he was able to quickly diagnose the trouble area and fix that. Highly recommended if you are within his range. Give him a call and he tells thing as it is. He does plumbing, electric wiring, drywall and some handy work. You are in good hands with him"
External Feedback from Cindy W.

"Richard came to our rescue! The main water line to our Was accidentally severed. My husband tried to fix the problem to no avail. This happened on a Monday night at 7 PM. By 11 PM we gave up and decided to call a plumber. Richard came to our home within half an hour at 11:30 PM and completed the job at 2 am. He was amazing and so professional. We are so grateful to him for fixing our problem and restoring our water! I highly recommend Richard for his professionalism, work ethic, and reliability. This is the second occasion I have hired him and both times I have been incredibly impressed with him. His prices are very reasonable and you truly do get quality work when you hire Richard!! Thank you Richard!"
External Feedback from Ginney O.

"Richard is very responsive and professional. Picked up call right away early morning and was able to show up within the hour. I had a hard time finding someone who was willing to come right away. Tenant was complaining about the garage disposal and gave us limited time to fix. Richard was nice enough to offer to pick up a garbage disposal on the way in case it needed to be replaced and if not, he would just repair it and return the garage disposal unit. Very professional and got the job done without me having to show up. Tenant was satisfied and price was very reasonable. Honest guy! I will definitely recommend and use him again in the future!"
External Feedback from Jenny S.

"Richard did a great job replacing the toilet and took care of leak under the house....He recommended waiting a few days for wood to dry. Had fans on wet wood area then did toilet replacement Had to use some shims due to unlevel floor...and did a great job....He picked up new toilet from depot and took back because it was cracked and got a new one...honest guy, easy to talk to, knowledgeable. .completes his work..Will recommend and use again.."
External Feedback from Pam A.

"Great work ! I was fortunate to meet Richard over a year ago. Since then he has helped me with many small jobs. I've referred him to others and all have been pleased with his work. He's not the cheapest out there but he is reasonable and he does good work. Richard is not only timely, he is also neat and very professional. If your looking to get something done, put him on your list and give him a call for a quote."
External Feedback from Franco L.

"Richard was prompt, honest, fair and efficient. We called him out to do a repair in our kitchen which had a leak and he came out and was on time. He explained everything thoroughly. He informed us of the work that he was going to perform as he was doing it. You can't find a more hard worker, more honest person than Richard. It is hard to find honest and fair people nowadays but not with Richard, you can't be more transparent than Richard. Thanks for the great work you did on our kitchen. We have already referred him to our family members who have called him for repairs. We will definitely recommend him and call him again in the future."
External Feedback from Denise L

"I am extremely satisfied with Richard services. He explained thoroughly what is the most appropriate and cost saving way of resolving the problem. He is a very detailed and honest guy who provides all the receipt on everything he uses so we know exactly how he charges on his services. Price is very reasonable as well. I plan to use him for any other problems with my house. Oh and he is very responsive not like other handyman"
External Feedback from Maurice Y.

"After reading many reviews about some of the plumbers in the area, I decided to contact Richard. My situation was not an emergency, but every time my washing machine drained the drain pipe overflowed, so I knew there was a blockage somewhere. I contacted Richard yesterday from work and asked if he could come today, since I have Wednesdays off. He showed up this morning by 9:00 am and I thought he would get done pretty fast, since I didn't think that the blockage was that bad. Was I wrong. Richard worked so hard! He encountered many problems in the pipes behind my washer AND in the pipes under my kitchen sink. I watched him as he worked and I was grossed out at what he had to deal with. It would take me too long to write about everything that he had to to do, but I was really impressed with his knowledge and also that he explained everything that was going on and what he needed to do to fix it. He didn't try to up-sell me on anything, but he did advise me to re-pipe. I knew I was overdue for that anyway, since I've been in my house for 41 years and it's never been done. Richard doesn't do re-piping but he said that when I'm ready I can contact him and he will help me find someone. I highly recommend Richard for any job that you need done. I think his price is reasonable, especially after I read some reviews about how much some of those plumbers that advertise on the radio charge. If you need a good plumber call Richard, you won't be sorry! P.S. Richard noticed that my dryer vent hose was not attached to the vent hole behind the dryer, so he attached it for me so well that it will not come off again by mistake. He didn't have to do that, but that's what kind of nice guy he is! Thank you Richard!!!"
External Feedback from Billie V.


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