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"Ben was such a pleasure to work with. He was kind enough to do repairs in my home same day and worked quickly and efficiently. I will definitely hire him again for future home repairs."
External Feedback from Tahera

"Solar Optimum did a FANTASTIC job with my family's solar panel installation in early 2019. Sean, the sales rep, gave me a thorough and professional estimate, explaining clearly all my options which was important to a solar newbie like myself. He also helped me figure out creative ways to finance the system, and did a terrific job of holding our hands through the entire process, answering all our questions and helping us navigate the procedure. And everyone else at the company, from installation to billing and through activation, were all extremely helpful and courteous. The crew who delivered and set up the panels were friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. Mohi, Silva, Juana, Angie, Ashley, and everyone else at SO took great care of us. Special shout out to Emmitt (a company V.P., I think?) who was very responsive to our concerns and went the extra mile to ensure out satisfaction. We gathered estimates from, I think, five different solar companies, and chose Solar Optimum based on their competitive pricing and reputation. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in going green and cutting their electric bills for their home."
External Feedback from David

"We are so happy we went with Solar Optimum. They are professional, precise, and personable. From start to finish, it never felt like we were making the wrong decision. Not only were they thorough in explaining the process, they also let us know by phone and email step by step what would happen next. My family did A LOT of research prior to switching over to solar, and I know we chose the best company."
External Feedback from Sarah

"What an awesome company!! I was very happy with the service and the price. A very professional job from start to finish. On top of everything, I got an excellent price, lower than everyone else. Ask for Anna. Thank you SOLAR OPTIMUM"
External Feedback from Armin S

"While I already had 2 arrays for about a decade producing all the power I need, I recently had S.O. install additional solar array on my roof (sanity is not one of my strong suits) and a 50-amp outlet for a future electric car before the fed tax credit goes away. Everything went according to plan and there were no surprises. I kind of had an idea of what price to expect, and they were in line, so I actually did not shop around. Considering they used Panasonic HIT panels and Enphase micro inverters, I think I got a more than fair deal. (turns out the more research I do the more I'm convinced I would have spec'd these exact parts) No regrets and I'm looking forward to wearing my new jackets in the house all summer."
External Feedback from Cary S.

"I highly recommend this team and company for solar installation. I researched for many months and multiple companies to select Solar Optimum. I also reached out on social media platforms to verify the company's reputation. I can honestly say Solar Optimum is the best company to have as your installer. The install team is professional, informative and friendly. I did run into some issues which Solar Optimum resolved quickly. We're enjoying the benefits of going green!"
External Feedback from Cory W.

"I was referred to this company from a friend that was very happy with his system. I got a quote from them and from two other companies to compare. Optimum was by far the best price for what they where giving me. I still got a few references from them and I contacted them and they where all very happy with this company. I decided to sign the contract and move forward with them. I have to say from day one the customer service was emasculate. The manager that was overseeing my project Arpiar was amazing. Calling me with updates with the city and time lines. When the project started they sent three installers exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. They finished the project in 4 days. I was shocked. The did a very clean job and I was very happy with them. The owner even showed up two times to make sure I was very happy with the way things where going. They definitely exceeded my expectations. Very quality company. I will definitely refer them to friends and family. I appreciate all that you guys did. Thanks so much"
External Feedback from Shahin J

"Used this company to install 2 Tesla Power walls at my home several months ago. Extremely conscientious during the entire installation process making sure they were placed exactly to our liking. Always responsive and nice. Has worked perfectly since installation. Power was down for one week during the recent fires and my home had all the electricity during the outage (a little embarrassing when the neighborhood was dark at night so only used a couple of lights). Called them earlier today asking if we could add on a circuit originally eliminated from the power wall back up and spoke to Hratch who called me back and said he is actually was in the area and would come over and take a look. Who gives service like that? I was amazed. He analyzed the situation and actually connected the circuits on the spot. This is an amazing company and we highly recommend them."
External Feedback from Don R.

"I want to thank Solar Optimum for the amazing job that they have done for my home. My project was slightly different from the standard projects since I wanted to bundle my roof replacement and panel installation with a single provider. Solar Optimum excelled in the following areas: 1. End to end ownership- they took end to end ownership of the project by being the single point of contact, managing all payments, arranging for roofer discussions etc. Very light touch and convenient. 2. Seamless installation process- very professional, worked with my schedule and completed all items on time. 3. Great advice- Arno (the owner) whom i had the privilege of interacting with walked me through some of my more advanced questions around the panel specifications and wattage. Strongly recommend Solar Optimum to anyone who is thinking solar."
External Feedback from Vikram S.

"I truly appreciate the excellent service Solar Optimum provided. Our friend referred this company and after shopping around, we've decided that SO has the best deal in the market. I spoke to Sean, who provided detailed information about their service and explained the whole installation process. Everything went smoothly from start to end. Although there was an instant when there was a problem with the start up, they came through to diagnose the issue, which happened to be just a software update, and was able to resolve the issue immediately. I was very pleased with the technical support and customer service that I referred them to couple of my friends. If you're shopping around for solar installation, shop no more... give them a call! You really can't go wrong with Solar Optimum."
External Feedback from Joshua E

"I was skeptical at first. I thought "How can EVERYBODY give this company 5 stars on Yelp?????" Then I saw the deleted reviews at the bottom of the page. "Aha, they are deleting bad reviews!", I thought. However, even the deleted reviews were positive, with the exception of a few outliers, most of which seemed to be more upset with aspects like missed callbacks and being late to appointments. I decided to go with Solar Optimum, and I have not been disappointed. They have been very forthright, honest, and communicative during the whole process, and at no point did I feel like they had anything but my best interests in mind. Case in point: Shortly after receiving rebate approval from GWP, I began to wonder whether my roof was in need of repair. I spoke to them about delaying the installation and having them send someone out to inspect my roof. They agreed to send a guy out. Here's what amazed me... I was completely expecting them to tell me "Your roof is fine. Let's get the panels installed." However, it was the opposite. They told me my roof was in bad shape, and that they would wait until I was ready to move forward with the installation. It was at this point that I was completely sold. Any other company would have simply pushed me to install the panels on a bad roof so they could be done with me and get paid. Solar Optimum delayed installation (and getting paid) for 3 months while I dealt with my roof (I hired a 3rd party roofer to do it, so Solar Optimum did not benefit financially from the roofing work) I now have a new roof (purchased with a HELOC), and a new solar system (purchased through the pre-paid lease with the same HELOC). So now I am making payments on a HELOC (no more paying for electric, as my system is producing more than I need) that are lower than what I was paying for just electricity prior to all of this. So basically it was cheaper for me to buy a new roof and go solar than it was for me to keep an old dilapidated roof and pay for "dirty" electricity. And I am doing my small part to save the world! Thank you Solar Optimum."
External Feedback from Simon F.

" These guys were great. Professional, kind, and courteous. Explained the process of fixing my garage door and were very patient. Thank you, will definitely hire again! "
from Inglewood, CA posted a job for Handyman Services on 2019-04-17 11:15:40 -0700


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